Dermatology Methods for the Treatment of Skin Conditions

A dermatologist is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of the skin, nails, hair and mucous membranes e.g. those linings in the mouth, eyelids and nose.

Dermatologists treat and diagnose over three thousand different diseases. The diseases include skin cancer, acne, eczema, nail infections, and psoriasis just to mention a few. For more skin conditions, visit Dr. Greveys website.

These physicians also improve their patients’ skin, nails and hair in terms of appearance e.g. a dermatologist can assist patients:

In diminishing age spots, wrinkles, and other aging signs. To have their acne scars less noticeable. To resemble more like themselves after a surgery of removing skin cancer.

Botox is usually used to eliminate or reduce the facial wrinkles’ appearance. It’s injected beneath the skin into the areas covering the eyes, mouth to smooth crow’s feet, forehead and worry and the frown and lines on the neck. Botox injections block the nerve impulses thus weakening muscles so as to relax the wrinkles and make the face have a rejuvenated appearance. Botox is also useful in preventing excessive sweating of the hands and the underarms.

1. Laser Hair Removal

Lasers generate highly focused, beams of light which are absorbed by the dark pigments inside the hair follicles under the skin’s surface and which converted to heat thus destroying the follicles in the process hindering the growth of hair for up to 2 years. Various treatments are needed for total hair removal where the follicle must be operational and active during the time of treatment, not all the follicles are active at the same moment. The treatments are needle-free and don’t need anesthesia. Many patients experience nothing beyond a slight sting similar to a snap of band of rubber.

Tattoo Removal

There are treatments for both multi-colored and black tattoos. The Ultralight-Q laser system has got specific technical advantages responsible for removing a variety of tattoos. The range is from professional – homemade/ amateur, and surgical and traumatic tattoos. The laser operates by transmitting high power very short in length pulses of the laser light, which moves through the skin breaking up the tattoo pigment particles that are then gotten out by the white blood cells of the body. Q-Switched laser treatments do shatter the pigment into very particles tiny enough to be removed without much hesitant.

Acne Treatment

acne treatmentsWhile acne is a condition prevalent for many teenagers .It’s a skin bother which can extend into one’s adulthood. It’s a complex condition that occurs for various reasons, e.g. the buildup of the bacteria, increase in the oil production and shedding of dead skin cells that’s irregular.

Various Acne Treatments

1. BLU-U:

This is a light treatment for mild to the moderate types of acne. It’s a non-invasive form of treatment which operates with an intensified blue light so as to destroy the acne-causing bacteria.

2. Chemical Peels:

The offers deep exfoliation and gets rid of layers of the damaged skin. This enables for fresh, skin cells that are healthy to emerge to the surface. During the treatment, an alpha-hydroxyl acids or beta-hydroxyl acids solution would be applied to the skin. Strong, medium and light are the various levels of the chemical peels one can receive.

3. Prescription Medications:

These include antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, retinoid and salicylic acid. They include;

· Vibradermabrasion, an exfoliating treatment which is superior. It’s designed to clear the pores and get rid of the dead skin cells.

· Photodynamic Therapy which is non-invasive and operates using light and a photosensitizing agent in order to improve the look of the skin. This treatment can treat acne and its scars, reduce pores and the size of the oil glands.

Age spots treatment

Age spots are the discolorations or small brown spots which appear on one’s face, arms and hands due to the sun exposure. They do occur at any age, and are normally common in fair-skinned people. With time the spots do increase in size, number, grow darker and appear unsightly and embarrassing to many.

The technology of Yag Laser with the Med lite Laser is used in treating and removing the freckles, age spots, sun sports, liver spots, the flat brow birthmarks and brown spots. The Yag5 Laser and the med lite C6 laser are used to treat the patients’ brown pigment which is undesirable and often occurs as a result of aging and longtime sun exposure. The lasers use energy of light to specifically target the pigmentation within one’s skin while sparing the normal skin tissue that is surrounding it. The outcome is a complexion one is to be proud of. More can be read about Med lite laser here,

Stretch marks treatment

This can be done by;

Microdermabrasion; which improves the appearance of the stretch marks by the removal of the top layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion achieves this by using a crystal spray that’s fine to “blast” the outermost skin layers. Dead skin cells are gotten rid of then the healthy skin cells find their place. The new cells do produce more elastin and collagen, vital components of a smooth and young looking skin. Microdermabrasion is not a painful procedure which takes not more than one hour to be over and also incorporates little recovery time.